Do I have a story to add to the timeline? Hmm...well, all I can say is...I was
playing in a poplular local band in 1999. Although I was going on my first
Japan tours and about to record my first real album, I was not very satisfied. I
loved what I was doing, but I was more of a support member and could not
contribute much to the band's creativity.
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"We kick our own asses!"
That's when I met Brian at a club where I was a full-time DJ. He gave me his phone number and
only a few days later we were playing together - just the two of us! We played one night at the club
where I DJed and that is where Yugi saw us and thought, "I'd like to play with those guys." and he
offered his services.
Anyway, Brian recruited another Yngwie-type guitar player, named Shin Iida, and we had our first rehearsal
playing a total of 12 covers. The next week (after only one rehearsal) we returned to the club and played our first
little show! Yeah, we probably made fools out of ourselves, but we did it anyway. The crowd went nuts! By the
second rehearsal we started doing original stuff and started mixing them into our sets. We played at open mic
nights or anywhere a crappy amateur band could play for free!
In early 2000 we made our first mini CD and although it sucked hard, people liked it! Our songs were getting
favorable Internet ratings and radio airplay in Osaka. Go figure! (By the way, I got fired from the other band!)
The bummer however, was that we had a lot of musical friction with our guitar player. He wanted to
play old-style metal, but we wanted to be more original. That's when I planted the idea in his head
to quit..and he did. A week later Jun joined us as a support member and barely made it through a
gig in Kobe! We paid him to play with us and he even recorded the next full album with us.
For all generations of Rock
I already knew him and said, "Sure! Go home and get your bass!" ...which he did! Well, that night a touring punk
band from the US came in for an aftershow party. They saw Brian's guitar, Yugi's bass and my drums there and
said, "Hey, can we play too?" So...the punkers went on to play for ages on our stuff! They were having a ball and
the crowd there LOVED them...a PUNK band playing old Bon Jovi songs and all. It was great! ....but Yugi didn't
get to play one note his own bass. He was steaming...
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